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Eco-Soap Bank relies on nongovernmental and other organizations to fulfill our mission. We provide soap to organizations who share our commitment to generative change, long-term sustainability, and avoiding cultivating dependence. Our recycled soap is safe and ready for use.

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Branch (Start an Eco-Soap Bank)

Does your organization work in a city in the developing world? We're looking for dedicated and well-established organizations to start new Eco-Soap Bank branches across the globe.

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Our corporate partners are instrumental in the fight for global hygiene—and their customers know it. We're open to partnership with any business committed to social good.

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Eco-Soap Bank is committed to forging strong partnerships with hotels and guesthouses that share our vision of a cleaner, healthier world. We'd be honored to work with you in our initiative to fight preventable illness and promote lifesaving hygiene practices, all while reducing environmental waste.

We invite you to join us and donate your partially used soap bars, which we’ll pick up, sanitize, and distribute to healthcare and nonprofit organizations.

Note: Currently, we're only able to accept soap from hotels located in Cambodia, Nepal, or Rwanda.

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