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Congratulations to our founder, Samir Lakhani, for receiving a CNN Heroes Award!

Since 2014, we’ve been working to fight the spread of preventable illnesses in the developing world by leveraging wasted resources. We believe that with a little creative thinking, we can work together to solve humanity’s toughest problems. Often, the solution isn’t an invention or a complicated feat. It’s common sense, coupled with a keen appreciation of the possibilities.

Eco-Soap Bank is committed to finding elegant solutions that impart multifaceted, generative change. By collecting soap from hotels in localized areas, employing disadvantaged women to recycle it at local Eco-Soap Banks, and distributing it via organizations that work in local communities, we can maximize our impact fighting disease while minimizing our impact on the environment.

As part of the CNN Heroes program, we’re raising funds to scale up our operations to benefit hundreds of thousands of people in countries across the developing world. With your help, we can bring hygiene and health to those who need it most—and ensure that the gains from our work have an impact for generations to come.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the devastating influence of preventable diseases worldwide. In the meantime, we’ll keep recycling.

The Eco-Soap Bank Team

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